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"Adjusting through the fields" 

Chiro Satya seminars are lead to empower and inspire Chiropractors and Students to find their own mastery, wisdom, and connect to that "Innate Shamann" that we all have within.

Through a series of 3 weekends Miguel will teach you both structural and energy work that match together for a creative, fun, specific, deep, and powerful chiropractic adjustment and flow in practice.

The Seminars

The seminars are divided in three modules, each one include 3 pillars of work:

  1. Osseus adjusting skills: many different ways to adjust cervicals, thoracic, lumbopelvic, & occiput subluxation with creativity, ease, non tension and depth.

  2. Energy reading: understand the connection between physical and energetic body (chakras, spine, portals and energetic acceses)

  3. Self-development: meditations & tools that will help you to be at your absolutely BEST version every day. Grounding and protection meditation, higher self connection, how to work on the energy of the room, clean and refresh your energy in one minute, channeling, etc.

1º module

Side Posture & energy work (level 1)

  • Innate communication: learn 5 lenguages to communicate with the body "innate to innate", to know exactly "where" and "when" to adjust.​

  • Energy reading through spine & chakras (connecting physical with energetic, to find subluxation without even touch the person).​

  • Osseus adjusting: Lubars, sacrum and pelvis in relation to lower chakras.​

  • Self development: grounding & connect to your power, + protection meditations.

2º module

Thoracics & energy work (level 2)

  • Innate communication: receptive vs. protection. Learn where to adjust, & where NOT to adjust. Learn how to release the protection.​

  • Energy reading of emotions in relation to Subluxation.​

  • Osseus adjusting: thoracics (upper, mid, and lowers) in relation to 3rd,4th, & 5th chakras.​

  • Self development: connect to your higher self for adjusting, + heart centered connection.

3º module

Cervicals & energy work (level 3)

  • Universal intelligence communication: channeling from "the source". Learn how to connect to intuition and trust it.​

  • Energy reading of "the field".​

  • Osseus adjusting: cervicals & occiput in relation to upper chakras.

  • * 6 different ways of adjust the occiput*​

  • Self development:  connect to spiritual guides & master while adjusting.

About me

I am Miguel.​ I dedicated my last 12 years of my life to learn deeply the chiropractic profession and the healing arts. I have assisted more than 30 (or maybe 40? I don't even know!) chiropractic seminars. And of those, around 25 BGI ©® seminars including BGI ©® Osseus.

I've spent hours at my mentors offices (Guillaume Lemelle in BCN, & Amaya Alonso in Malaga, which are true MASTERS! learning from them).

I have had the luck of learning from the BEST chiropractors nowdays including: Sue Brown, Eric Rubin, Arno Burnier, Piet Seru, Lou Corleto, Katina Maning, and many more...Thank to all them I have the tools and awareness I have now in practice.

But probably the most important factor (differentiating myself from the average!) I actually spent hours and hours practicing and studying everything I learnt at the seminars. I commited from the beginning to mastery and so I did, and still do, everyday.

In my first years of practice I sacrifice having a lot of volume in order to spend the time to feel, to learn, to compare techniques, to get into connection, to practice and master all the knowledge and tools I learnt, and now with time all that "wisdom" has integrated in myself so deep that I can "go with the flow" in autopilot serving my clients from that level of awareness, connection, specificity, and depth.

Appart from my chiropractic work, I have experience with many therapys, energy workers, shamanns, healers of all kinds... and I commited myself since 12 years to a spiritual path. Every piece of my path has been key to the awareness and energy mastery that now I have in my practice.

And some of these tools I am teaching I haven't actually learn them from chiropractors.

There's a mix of information from chiropractors, other healers, and channeling my inner master.

My mission

My mission is  to bring you a summary of "all this wisdom" in a practical and easy way to match the true philosophy of chiropractic ("reconnect man the physical with man the spiritual").

And by that i mean not just theoretically, but truly. 

And that "reconnection" begins within you showing up from "that" place. And from there you can meet universaal forces through you and your client to service from a sacred place.

Learning that requires commitment, self growth, excellent skillfullness, and energetic mastery.

That is what i offer you.

With love.


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